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August News & Updates

Hi everyone! 

Been so busy lately i've been slacking off on keeping you, my valued customers posted on details of upcoming events and other news. First off we have a monthly fragrance page, each month you can choose from several different fragrances for one low price. I see many of you are asking to choose your own instead of just getting a product you may not want, so we now offer (I think 8), different Mini Fragrances. You can find the link on our homepage at the top "August Fragrances". Just click that and you will be able to purchase one or all of those listed. If we happen to run out of any of them we will put a new one up in its replace. Also, you dont have to subscribe like many companies offer, you just visit us once a month or subscribe to receive our newsletters and i can let you know each month which what fragrances will be listed for the said month.

Secondly, we have a drawing coming up here September 1st. (Drawing at Noon, and you will be notified by email--so make sure your email is correct) You can win Paris Hiltons Can Can Burlesque Gift Set (Retail 45.00) or Reward Points added to your reward account (Must be registered to get the points-link is at the bottom, left hand corner of our homepage "Rewards" button). Grand Prize is the gift set, 2nd prize is 1000 points, plus Mini Fragrance-your choosing (up to $15.00), and 3rd Prize is 500 points and a Mini Fragrance (your choosing up to $15.00). The reward points are equal to $1.00 for every 100 points, so that adds up fast at 1000=$10.00, and 500-$5.00 OFF your order--its a great way to save on your future orders, especially when its almost that time again--yes , i said it--"The Holidays" are around the corner again. Also if you would, for those lucky winners--post a pic on our Facebook page when you receive your prizes or send me a photo to, so i can post this in our Newsletters and what not. Many people get discouraged when they don't see real results from drawings, and i want to let everyone know who won with photos of your bright beautiful faces--so smile pretty!!

On a final note i hope all of you are well and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and everyone of you who take time to visit my store and who have been valued customers since the beginning. With that i will say, talk soon and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on messenger, Facebook, by email ( Via, twitter-perfumenmor, instagram-perfumenmor and by phone 989-873-1549 (10-5 Mon-Fri). Please follow us also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for taking time to read this and talk soon.


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May fragrance of the month

May's fragrance of the month is Acqua Di Gio. Designed by Giorgio Armani and introduced in 1995, Acqua Di Gio has a daytime use. Fragrance notes include fresh floral, sweet pean and jasmine. Just type in the search URL "fragrance of the month" and add to your cart and you will get a mini .17 fl oz of Acqua Di Gio for $7.99. Only good for the month of May.


Fragrances that have scents that lead to compliments

There are a few fragrances that will get heads turning and a few compliments when you least expect it. You don't have to spend alot of money to "smell" super nice and leave that aroma in every room you walk into. Here is a list of a few i feel are great fragrances.

1. Chistian Dior- Hypnotic

2. LANCÔME La vie est Belle Perfume for Women

3. Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume for Women

4. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Perfume for Women

5. Black Orchid by Tom Ford


This is my personal opinion on these. Let me know what your favorite head turning scent is? 

Top Perfume Brands Searched

Many people have used the same fragrance for years. Step out of your comfort zone and try a new fragrance sometime. There are so many wonderful scents for all types of occasions. I personally will buy a vial or a mini bottle to test out for a bit and once i "actually like it" i will buy the full size bottle. I have made a list of the top perfume brands customers on our store search for.


Here are the top ten perfumes:

1. Chanel 

2. Victoria's Secret

3. Giorgio Armani

4. Tom Ford

5. Amouage

6. Bvlgari

7. Pacco Rabanna

8. Elizabeth Arden

9. Marc Jacobs

10. DKNY

Step out of your comfort zone, and try a new fragrance sometime.

April Fragrance of the Month

April Fragrance of the Month

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Packaged Vs Tester Fragrances

Saving money when you purchase fragrances. Consider buying testers at times.Testers are even more discounted than the fancy boxed versions and are great if you don't have a need for the fancy packaging. Testers are 100% authentic, fresh and completely full just like the original fragrance, however they are meant for the counter in a department store. Testers often come in a plain white box but sometimes they do not have a cap or box.The savings on the packaging means you save even more!